About WVAJ

Trial by jury in civil cases is one of our most fundamental rights as Americans.  Just like freedom of religion and the right to bear arms, it is protected in our constitution.

The West Virginia Association for Justice is committed to preserving your right to trial by jury and access to the civil justice system.  WVAJ represents more than 500 attorneys who practice in West Virginia and in surrounding states.

Our blog is named West Virginia Justice for All.  Why?  Because our members ensure that every West Virginia resident and small business has a voice in our courtrooms.  They ensure that you can obtain justice even when facing the world’s wealthiest and most powerful people and corporations.  In our courtrooms, all are equal.

Our members also help protect you and your families.  As the result of civil cases, we have safer products, safer workplaces, better healthcare and growing corporate responsibility.

Limiting our right to trial by jury is against our American values—but it is under attack.  Why?  Because corporate special interests want to weaken our courts.  They don’t want to be held accountable when:

  • You are injured by a dangerous product
  • Your employer fails to follow safety standards, and you are injured on the job
  • You are injured or killed because of medical errors
  • You aren’t paid a fair wage or face discrimination or sexual harassment at work
  • You’re permanently injured in an accident caused by a speeding semi
  • You lose money in your retirement because of investment fraud
  • Your home is damaged in a storm and your insurer refuses to pay the claim
  • Your business loses money because another business doesn’t honor its contracts

And this list is only the beginning.  Whether you are harmed physically, mentally or financially—and usually it’s all three—by others’ misconduct, you have the right to pursue legal action.  The West Virginia Association for Justice is committed to protecting this Constitutional right and ensuring that our courthouse doors remain open for every West Virginia consumer, worker and small business.

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